Exporting Alberta Celebration and Luncheon

The Canadian Authors Association - Alberta Branch's annual Exporting Alberta Award grants $1000 for out-of-province book promotion to the Alberta Branch member/current contractor who has the best overall book published in 2018. 

This year's awards ceremony includes a celebratory luncheon and awards ceremony, in addition to three 1.5 hour workshops from exceptional authors. 

The workshops will be lead by Kristine Kowalchuk, Nisha Patel, and Jason Lee Norman. 


Kristine Kowalchuk

This workshop will lead participants through a consideration of the relationship between writing and activism, and the power and risks and fears inherent in this relationship. We will explore various writers’ perspectives on this topic and discuss our responses to their perspectives. The workshop will then encourage participants to consider when and how they might use their own writing in an activist way, and when it might be more appropriate to set aside the abstraction of writing altogether and put their bodies on the line. Participants will then do a writing exercise in which, using whichever form they choose, they describe a problem and outline a solution for change, or in which they describe something that they care about that is threatened and articulate a goal for its protection.

Kristine Kowalchuk is an Edmonton-based writer and instructor at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and adjunct professor at the University of Alberta. Her research and writing focus on food, the environment, and land use. She has published in The Tomato, The Art of Eating, Eighteen Bridges, Urbania, and The National Post. Her first book, Preserving on Paper: Seventeenth-Century Englishwomen’s Receipt Books was published in 2017.

Nisha Patel

The performance workshop shares techniques in presenting and reading poetry for an audience, with a focus on bringing out the authentic voice of each poet. It goes over some techniques in preparing for a performance and the skills that are honed in practice. There is discussion about why we perform, and how to connect with an audience through our writing. If it is possible, participants who have work of their own will be encouraged to share in front of the workshop participants for group feedback, should they choose to bring their work along. 

Nisha Patel is an award-winning Indo-Canadian poet and artist, and the Festival Producer of the Edmonton Poetry Festival. She is a recipient of the 2018 Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund, and is a graduate of the University of Alberta School of Business. She is a proud member of the Breath in Poetry Collective, and works to further her goal of bringing poetry into non-poetic spaces with the work that she does to build a stronger artistic community. You can find out more about her at nishapatel.ca. 

Jason Lee Norman

Flash fiction is a sub genre of fiction that is usually under 1000 words. Whether or not you normally read or write flash fiction there are still lessons to be learned from this genre that can help you with your larger works of fiction or creative non-fiction and even your novels. This workshop will cover exercises and writing prompts from the world of flash fiction that can help you with character and plot development, dialogue, action, and any other sticking points that come up in your writing projects.

Jason Lee Norman publishes Monto Books and edits Funicular Magazine. He lives and writes in Edmonton.