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Crafting Crime Fiction: 3 Separate yet Intertwined Approaches

Three workshops in one, focused on writing strong stories with mystery at their centre.

Research with E.C. Bell
Learn how to weave in your research without weighing down pacing; what to exclude/include in your narrative; how to lay down the trail to the central secret; and more. Exercises will include real world research for setting. 

Plotting with S.G. Wong: 
Explore how strong characterization leads to compelling plots that keep the reader intrigued and guessing until the all-important reveal—and then some. Exercises will focus on reverse engineering plot points and the basic building blocks of character.

Narrative Voice with J.E. Barnard: 
Delve into elements including narrator selection, elements of voice, simple obfuscation, and the risky option of the unreliable narrator. Exercises will focus on shifting points of view and narrator sketches. 

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